Take Your Real Estate Agent Onboarding to the Next Level

Aug 22 2016 | BY Greg Ausley

As a real estate executive, broker, or manager, you’ve preached the need to make a great first impression with every new prospect.  There’s way too much competition to allow your prospect have a superior experience with someone else. 

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What is Real Estate Sales Enablement?


CoachSimple Real Estate is Real Estate Sales Enablement software.

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Why Real Estate Firms are Choosing CoachSimple Coaching Software

May 11 2015 | BY Greg Ausley

CoachSimple.net is coaching and accountability software enabling real estate companies and all sales organizations to implement a coaching culture, set goals, monitor progress and create powerful and productive communication between owner, salesfalse

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Successful On-boarding of Sales Agents: 5 Key Areas of Focus

May 05 2015 | BY Greg Ausley

Working with numerous sales organizations in Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage, Recruiting and other small to mid-sized companies, we are often asked to provide best practices for a successful automated on-boarding process.

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Coach Simple Helps Thousands of Real Estate Professionals Achieve Success

Jan 12 2015 | BY Greg Ausley

CoachSimple.net is powerful Coaching Software that helps sales coaches interact with sales professionals and teams using an on-line accountability software platform that is simple to use.  Coaches and managers in sales organizations use thisfalse

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Coaching Tools for Your Analytical Clients using Numbers and Metrics

Mar 31 2014 | BY Greg Ausley

CoachSimple.net, we work with a variety of coaches with different styles.  Some coaches follow a more Socratic coaching process while others are very heavily focused on ensuring accountability through tracking metrics and activities.

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