5 Things Top Brokers Do To Prepare Agents for Summer

March 28, 2017 | BY Greg Ausley


While some across the country are still shoveling snow out of the driveway, it's hard to think about taking actions today that will directly impact your agents' summer months. But, as you know, the Real Estate sales cycle takes a minimum of 60-90 days which means for the summer months to be as strong as we all expect, strategic actions need to be taken now, in March, April and May.

Don't leave agent productivity and success to chance this summer. Providing coaching, training and agent productivity tools for both new agents and seasoned pros can have a dramatic impact on the results your agents produce this summer.

Here are 5 strategic actions you can take today to make a difference this summer wth your agents

1. Perform Quarterly Agent Business Plan Check-ins

Dust off the business plan created in December or January and check in on progress. Early in the year, it's much more important to focus on prospecting activity rather than reviewing year-to-date listings and transactions.

If your agents are unable to produce actual prospecting numbers (calls, appointments, social media touches, letters written) then we suggest recommending a more disciplined sales activity tracking for the next 60 days. 60 days is long enough to establish a great habit and now is the ideal time to start, before it starts getting busy.

Tip: If your agents don't have a clear business plan for the year, check out Coach Simple's Business Planning Tool that can be quickly and easily distributed to your agents

2. Reinforce a Blended Prospecting Approach

Avoid feast and famine that comes from agents doing heavy prospecting only during quiet months. Work with your agents to get a commitment to prospect every day and every week, all year long.

Agents who consistently divide their days into early stage prospecting, listing and buyer work and transactional activity ensure they remember to prospect, even while busy managing their current listings.

Early stage prospecting activities need to be done consistently to ensure that agents don't close out all of their deals in their pipeline without fresh prospects right behind. You already know the most effective prospecting techniques for your specific market (social touches, calls to past clients, door knocks, etc.) The key is to establish a commitment and routine for your agents to perform these activities consistently, even when they are "too busy".

Newer agents struggle because they lack a disciplined approach to performing daily sales activity, while top producers close more deals through consistent and scheduled daily success habits.

Tip: Try Coach Simple's Activity Tracking Tool, accessible via mobile, tablet or laptop. New, plateauing and even seasoned agents can add a little more structure to their prospecting, which consistently yields better results.

3. Create a Coaching Cadence Now, Before You Need It

Now is a great time to schedule out monthly coaching sessions for the spring and summer. If you wait until performance starts to slip to establish a coaching cadence, that's too late to impact your agent's summer and will come across as reactive. Creating the opportunity to offer coaching and mentoring in the next several months will make a huge difference in agent effectiveness once things get busy.

Tip: Coach Simple Software automatically imports agent's monthly data into an easy to use coaching tool. Managers will save time and coach more agents with this valuable information at their fingertips.

4. Identify Advanced Learning Topics For Your Agents

By identifying advanced topics now that will be relevant to your agents this summer, you can proactively generate engaging content and training videos to distribute to your agents this spring and summer. Remember that agents will do things the way they did last year and the year before unless you help them think beyond their comfort zone.

Whether you choose to focus on general prospecting, specific specialties, providing better service, queuing up referrals or simply reminding them to focus on the basics that work year in and year out, create engaging content and follow-up action plans that agents can use right away to make a difference in their business.

Tip: Coach Simple efficiently automates and distributes your company's best practices and learning content. Videos and focused exercises can be packaged by agent skill level or distributed to the organization as a whole.

5. Make it a Game

Ask newer agents and even seasoned pros to comment to achieving their specific sales activity targets for the next 60 days.  This that will directly impact their business this summer. Offer easy to use accountability tools and provide incentives and leaderboards to celebrate success and promote friendly competition at your weekly meetings.

Remember that it's potentially demoralizing to younger agents to focus exclusively on listings, deals and transactions. This spring, make it a game to achieve laser-focused prospecting activity that ultimately results in new buyers, listings and transactions this summer.

Tip: Use automatic leaderboards found in Coach Simple Real Estate to celebrate success and create competition during the early stages of pipeline development.

It's not tool late to impact your agents this summer.

Contact Coach Simple to promote prospecting best practices, build a coaching culture, distribute learning content and make summer sales successful, competitive and fun.


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