Manage Your Real Estate Organization with a Coaching Mindset

February 06, 2017 | BY COACHSIMPLE COACHES

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In real estate, setting goals, annual plans and quarterly check-ins are part of a winning formula, but your biggest asset is growing and nurturing your agents.

Whether you’re an executive with a regional footprint or a local broker stretched to improve year-over-year results, how do you ensure agents and teams meet sales goals while learning new skills and improving success habits? From the top down, your company must embrace, promote and celebrate a coaching culture or risk building an underperforming team or losing disengaged agents to competitors.

Company-wide coaching is more than semi-annual or quarterly check-ins. A true coaching culture is strategic and effective, and creates opportunities for individual growth that results in organizational success.

The Forbes Coaches Council outlines “13 Ways Leaders Can Build A ‘Coaching Culture’ At Work.”

Top tips include:

  • Build a learning and doing culture.
  • Integrate coaching at all levels of the organization.
  • Establish a consistent coaching process.
  • Hold managers accountable for agent development.

Simple Steps To Coaching Success

Recruiting, training, maintaining and inspiring agents requires vision and strategy. In the ultracompetitive and fragmented world of real estate, it’s challenging to provide consistent and effective coaching for agents. Coach Simple offers a sophisticated solution, combining industry expertise, innovative thinking and your organization’s best practices to develop a coaching culture, improve agent onboarding, optimize productivity tools and strengthen leadership development. Our coaching and productivity platform starts with simple steps to assess your current climate, calculates actionable insights and delivers an implementation plan designed to increase agent engagement and productivity throughout the year.

“Many real estate companies are starting to embrace the idea of implementing a coaching culture, but quickly realize that their managers have never been trained on coaching nor understand the nuances of coaching versus managing,” says Bryan Wilson, Director of Real Estate Success at Coach Simple. “To avoid this pitfall, it’s important for executives to invest time and resources in platforms and processes that develop managers as coaching experts.”

Nurturing a coaching culture ensures targets and goals are not only met but exceeded by leveraging innovation, education and creativity, while reinforcing a mindset of success: Never lose sight of your organization’s ability to improve and impress. Coach Simple Real Estate empowers managers and agents to perform at their highest level, generating incremental improvements and even overall transformation throughout the entire organization.

Develop a coaching culture, improve agent onboarding, optimize productivity and strengthen leadership development in your real estate organization.

Visit Coach Simple Real Estate and Generate Your Success Score.

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