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February 22, 2017 | BY Coach Simple Coaches

How Do You Measure Real Estate Success?

Hint: It’s more than metrics.

A Google search on real estate success serves up quick tips for increased sales performance. Most articles reference the top three or four metrics and goals that brokers should monitor for agents to close more deals.

While establishing and understanding key performance indicators is important, for brokers and agents alike, it is only one piece of your company’s success scorecard.

A true roadmap to success includes planning, execution and checkpoints:

  • Onboarding effectiveness
  • Business planning
  • Best practices
  • Resource library
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Leadership  visibility
  • Coaching and mentoring

Does your company have clearly defined actionable insights to get ahead in the real estate industry? Do you know your company’s goals for today and the future?

Do you know how you measure up against the competition?

Get Your Success Score Now

You Need More than Quick Tips. You Need a Comprehensive Solution.

At Coach Simple Real Estate, our innovative coaching and productivity platform combines industry expertise and organizational best practices to scaffold your success. Our free “Real Estate Success Scorecard” assesses your current climate and delivers an implementation plan and snapshot of actionable insights to increase agent engagement and productivity throughout the year.

“In real estate there are new agents, top producers and plateauing performers,” says Brian Wilson, Director of Real Estate Success at Coach Simple. “We help executives, managers, brokers, mentors and coaches increase agent engagement at all levels by building success habits, skills mastery and accountability.”

Coach Simple Real Estate improves your coaching culture, agent onboarding and productivity, and leadership development.

Consider these ROI statements:

  • Coaching and mentoring: When agents are guided with well-defined action plans, regular check-ins and mutually understood expectations they close more deals.
  • Onboarding: Effectively onboarding new agents and providing resources and learning best practices throughout the year results in more closed deals.
  • Manager responsiveness: Managers equipped to identify stalled agents get them back on track quickly to close more deals.
  • Leadership visibility: Clear visibility into how agents and manager performance enables executives to intervene quickly and help close more deals.
To increase the bottom line your company needs to create a coaching culture and raise accountability across the board.

Coach Simple Real Estate works with real estate franchises, brokers, teams and agents to power success. Our customizable suite of sales enablement, coaching and productivity modules is tailored to your specific business strategy, process, content and goals. We work with your company to improve:

  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Sales habits
  • Goal planning
  • Coaching
  • Leadership

“Our mission is to create industry leaders, market dominators and change makers committed to achieving the highest level of success,” says Coach Simple Founder and CEO Greg Ausley.


Preview our expansive platform and discover your success score today:

Generate Your Success Score


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