Implementing a Coaching Culture in Your Sales Organization

January 26, 2019 | BY Greg Ausley


At, we work with numerous coaches and organizations that have implemented a strong coaching culture into their sales environment.  Companies that properly develop a strong coaching culture impact their sales professionals by:

  • Increasing knowledge
  • Improving skills
  • Changing behaviors
  • Promoting creativity
  • Preparing for real objections and outcomes

Some common principles of a successful coaching culture include:

  • Establishing unwavering consistency
  • Promoting desired outcomes vs. dictating rules 
  • Asking probing questions vs. telling people what to do
  • Recognizing and rewarding effort taken in addition to results generated
  • Presenting coaching as an opportunity rather than a task

Elements of a successful coaching culture:

  • Executive leadership committed to coaching and understanding the investment of time and resources
  • Executives must remain consistent in their approaches and techniques across the company and with all managers
  • A focus on "gamification", leaderboards, levels, acknowledgements and rewards for teams and inpiduals
  • Weekly check-ins and quarterly sit-downs 
  • Annual review, planning and goal setting

Action items for an organization to build a coaching culture:

  • Executives must set clear objectives for establishing a coaching culture and communicate them consistently to managers and professionals
  • Managers must periodically and openly share what is working and what isn't while coaching their professionals
  • Companies should hire outside coaches to train and support managers on coaching techniques and strategies 
  • The organization should implement a coaching platform such as to engage teams and professionals, document coaching sessions, establish follow-up action items, track numbers and generate automated leaderboards

An automated coaching platform is critical to empower professionals to self-manage the more repetitive tasks connected with coaching, minimizing time demands on already busy managers and executives.

Find out more about why forward thinking coaches and managers are coaching thousands of sales professionals in real estate, insurance, recruiting and other sales focused industries using the CoachSimple coaching platform.  Please visit or call 858.381.2091

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