Are you in the 93 or 7 percent?

May 09 2017 | BY Greg Ausley

It's time to face the truth. The majority of real estate companies struggle with agent onboarding. I'll go out on a limb and suggest that as many as 93% of all firms fail to get it right.

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Does Your Agent Onboarding Process "Suck"?

Apr 27 2017 | BY Greg Ausley


The typical real estate agent onboarding process sucks time, resources and energy from your agents, managers and staff and it may not be producing any results!

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5 Things Top Brokers Do To Prepare Agents for Summer

Mar 28 2017 | BY Greg Ausley

While some across the country are still shoveling snow out of the driveway, it's hard to think about taking actions today that will directly impact your agents' summer months. But, as you know, the Real Estate sales cycle takes a minimum of 60-90false

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4 Essential Elements of Agent Onboarding

Mar 06 2017 | BY Greg Ausley

One of the toughest challenges for real estate brokers and managers is recruiting and retaining top producing agents. With all the energy you invest recruiting rising stars and established professionals, first impressions matter, which is whyfalse

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Discover Your Real Estate Success Score

Feb 22 2017 | BY Coach Simple Coaches

How Do You Measure Real Estate Success?

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Take Real Estate Agent Onboarding to the Next Level

Feb 22 2017 | BY Greg Ausley

As a real estate executive, broker, or manager, you’ve preached the need to make a great first impression with every new prospect.  There’s way too much competition to allow your prospect have a superior experience with someone else. 

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Manage Your Real Estate Organization with a Coaching Mindset


In real estate, setting goals, annual plans and quarterly check-ins are part of a winning formula, but your biggest asset is growing and nurturing your agents.

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What are My Numbers? - Real Estate Sales Enablement

Sep 01 2016 | BY Greg Ausley

You would never drive from San Diego to New York without a GPS. Heck, you wouldn’t even drive to your next listing appointment without one. So why do most agents fail to set their business GPS at the start of the year and then monitor and adjustfalse

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