Onboarding after "Onboarding" is Complete

September 04, 2016 | BY Greg Ausley


I recently saw statistics about onboarding and employee turnover that indicate we need to raise engagement and empowerment in the workplace -- from day one. 

Recent Survey: Surprising Results

Twenty-five percent of companies say their onboarding does not include training materials or programs, and 60% of companies don’t set milestones or goals for new hires to succeed. 

Not coincidently, 25% of new hires leave those companies within the first year.

It’s More Than Compliance

Your organization likely has the compliance, benefits and IT processes nailed down for new hires.  They get an organized folder of paperwork to fill out and maybe a few PDFs to read on a newly assigned laptop.  They have a phone extension and business cards are ordered. Then, they meet their new manager.  

Knowing the rules and the ropes is a place to start. However, the above process doesn't constitute true onboarding and still results in that 25% turnover within the first year. It's just not enough.

Hire and Hope

For HR teams, getting your new hire through the first few days and assuming their manager continues with a coaching or training process is risky.  “Hire and hope" leads to inadequate onboarding and creates confusion for both the new hire and manager.  When companies fail to provide structured onboarding with regular check-ins, the HR department is left to hope the new hire works out. Hope the manager has a plan.  Hope both parties stick with the materials and onboarding when things get busy.

The "hire and hope" method leaves a lot to chance, especially when it costs a company $25,000 - $100,000+ to replace a disengaged employee.

There is a Better Way 

New hires and managers deserve more, and companies should better invest in their people and future. Implementing a coaching-focused onboarding and engagement process provides ample learning, resources and mentoring from the start. Onboarding plans for 30, 90, 180 and 360 days of progress are scaffolded stages of learning, target setting and practical application.

Offering this process in a collaborative online platform is even better. Connecting the new hires with their manager and mentor through an easy-to-use environment builds success via knowledge checkpoints, role playing, activity monitoring and real-time engagement to track success and setbacks.

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Does Your Path Lead to a Better Way?

What is your current process? Do you “Hire and Hope?" Do you hand out packets? Or are you ready to plan stages of engagement and learning? Are you ready to continue growth and success after onboarding is complete?





Traditional methods of "hire and hope"

Coach Simple: True leadership and learning

Corporate Training

LMS: links to videos or PDFs of training materials to be reviewed by the new hire.


Hope there is knowledge transfer.

  • Guided onboarding program with videos 
  • Learning verification throughout the onboarding process
  • Discussion topics for managers and mentors to use during knowledge checkpoints
  • Links to resources, tailored videos and best practices 

Corporate Culture

Informal lunches with colleagues


Hope they communicate a positive message.

  • Video clips from recent company events
  • Fun peer-to-peer videos and idea exchange
  • Participation in wellness events and contests
  • Suggestions for work-life integration
  • Invitations to company sponsored charity events

Primary Role Responsibilities and Knowledge Transfer

Meet with manager, attend training sessions, receive manual and fill in the gaps while talking with colleagues. 


Hope employee retains the information and can use it practically.

  • Series of learning modules with videos and resource links
  • Checkpoint questions to ensure retention
  • Taking points for coach/mentor/manager to have a meaningful conversation and review of materials 
  • Ongoing community discussions on key topics
  • Role-play videos and exercises
  • Organized peer engagement with established objectives

Targets and Goals

Set objectives or goals as new hire, and review at mid-year and year-end.


Hope employee is motivated enough to stay on track with their objectives and goals.

  • Establish annual business plan with clearly defined, achievable goals
  • Create action plans to ensure success
  • Track activities daily and weekly
  • Provide weekly activity summary to mentor/manager
  • Monthly coaching to measure progress and goals
  • Identify follow-up actions from coaching-based reviews
  • Monthly focus topics for deeper learning and application 
  • Quarterly review with course adjustments
  • Annual review

Sales Activity Tracking

CRM (sometimes), custom excel files, email


Hope they adopt the company tools and don’t build their own process.

  • Online activity tracking tools
  • Mobile access for tracking on-the-go
  • Activity sharing with managers and mentors
  • Automatic leaderboards for contests and acknowledgement 

Monitoring Sales Results

Weekly or monthly report generated by accounting


Hope they discuss successes and setbacks with their manager. 

  • Interactive numbers-based dashboard 
  • Goals vs. actual vs. benchmark
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly analytics
  • On-going coaching conversations with their manager or mentor

Periodic Reviews

Formal annual reviews; informal monthly or impromptu meetings with managers and peers to discuss "set it and forget it" goal setting


Hope they stayed focused and achieve their stated objectives and goals.

  • Automated weekly “check-ins” with self-assessments
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly “coaching-focused" sessions
  • Identification of follow-up action items
  • Assignment of focused learning modules 
  • Quarterly review and course adjustments
  • Annual business planning session with past results and future goals


Too Complicated?

Does moving from "hire and hope” to a well-defined, organized, consistent and proactive process sound too complicated or out of reach? It's not. 

Coach Simple will convert your existing processes, trainings, content, best practices and shared files into a well-organized, easy to use process that empowers new hires to apply knowledge and helps managers build mentoring and coaching opportunities for company-wide growth and success. Advanced planning pays off, resulting in all-star teams and saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover and lost productivity. 

Take a look at what you can do: https://engage.coachsimple.net

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