Invest in your people, or someone else will

May 10, 2016 | BY Greg Ausley


Tim Davis, National Sales Coach for Movement Mortgage and evangelist, recently participated in a webinar focusing on the benefits of promoting a coaching culture in the Mortgage Industry.  

During the webinar, Tim said that besides the obvious and predictable benefit of "creating a lift in overall sales and productivity", there are some additional, less obvious benefits that couldn’t be overlooked.  These benefits include: 

  • Promoting and distributing a consistent corporate message seamlessly to the sales teams
  • Providing sales associates with a reliable resource to address productivity and personal issues that are stopping them from achieving their goals
  • Confirming that management cares about them, their success and their overall well-being

Tim believes that once a sales professional works through their professional and personal blocks, they have the confidence to perform at the highest level possible.  

Additionally, Tim says that he is a sounding board for ideas and challenges and gives sales managers and sales professionals a safe and unbiased resource to work through ideas and concerns.  

When asked about the risk of investing in the sales teams only to have them leave for another company, he responded by saying “yes, but what if you DON’T invest in them and they stay???” He then added that leadership means investing in your people, or someone else will.

Watch a 5 minute excerpt from his webinar here

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