Introducing the TribeNet Decentralized Productivity Platform

June 26, 2018 | BY Greg Ausley


Coach Simple and TribeNet are working together to provide simplicity and productivity in the most sophisticated and integrated coaching dashboard available.

Coach Simple is excited to announce that we are working on our next generation platform, built on the TribeNet host development platform.

TribeNet solves the challenges large and small organizations face, integrating information across multiple disconnected platforms, while encouraging departments, teams and individuals to use best-of-breed platforms to solve real world problems. They do this by delivering a decentralized platform that "integrates with everything", where organizations own and control their own data.

As a host running on top of TribeNet, Coach Simple will integrate the best parts of our coaching platform with an expansive and growing library of APIs supported by TribeNet. This opens up integration and use of best-of-breed tools inside of the Coach Simple coaching dashboards.

Using TribeNet's innovative integration translator, each Coach Simple customer can select from a library of platforms such as Dropbox, Google Docs, CRMs, Marketing and hundreds of other cloud-based platforms that their organization already uses.

Coach Simple will continue offering the same powerful platform options, but allow customers to choose to integrate platforms they already know and love. Want to attach a Dropbox file into a coaching session? That's easy. Want to pull stats from a sales rep's CRM stats into the sales activity tracker? No problem. Import transaction data from accounting into the Sales Metrics Database? You can do that too.

With TribeNet's commitment to "Integrate with Everything", the library of integration options will continue to grow for years to come.

If you'd like to learn more about Coach Simple or TribeNet, please visit us here:

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