InFinance Bringing Blockchain to the Financial Industry

March 30, 2018 | BY Greg Ausley

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 12.59.29 PMCoach Simple has been attending various crypto currency and blockchain conferences to gain an understanding on how blockchain and cryptocurrency will transform Real Estate, Fin Tech and our financial lives overall.  There, we met up with Paul Krause of InFinance

Paul is the founder and CEO of InFinance and is focused on creating the first ever blockchain protocol for advisory services within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

Speaking with Paul at both TokenFest in San Francisco and CoinAgenda Caribbean, he is excited to be creating high value jobs within the blockchain and financial community while increasing accountability, safety and performance when advising and investing in alternative tokens and coins. He plans to create a bridge to the institutional investment community which Paul is apart of.

According to Mr. Krause:

The project was born out of a clear need for accountable advice in the cryptocurrency space.  I own a financial company that houses reps who give advice on traditional assets. We recently pushed paperwork up the chain to be able to manage cryptocurrency and digital assets for a fee. We shortly realized there was no integrated platform for this and saw how natural a fit the immutability of the blockchain ledger would be for accounting and administration of the advisor fees. So far we have received excellent feedback from both the blockchain and financial services communities and are looking forward to both your continued support as well as your constructive feedback. Let’s drive adoption to a better tomorrow together!

For additional information on InFinance, please contact:

Paul Krause

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